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Our mission is to design the best possible solutions that allow you and your team to create mind-blowing experiences that will get your customers walking through your cinema doors.

We’ve been working on cinema solutions for the past 25 years, and it feels like we’re just getting started.

Tech Geeks, Movie Lovers, Nice People

We're a team of technology and cinema enthusiasts working from six countries, with headquarters in Norway, where our vision to create a better solution for cinema operations came to life. What our workday looks like?

Building things that you will love. We think of days that start with your 7 am coffee run and end at midnight after your last movie has been shown. We want to help you optimize those hours and work easier and faster. We're obsessed with the future and constantly look at the next thing your viewers might want.

Our Story and Culture

Our beliefs impact our work.

Embracing our Rich History

Since our founding in 1997, DX has served the cinema and broader entertainment venue industry. As a result, we have decades of industry experience we build upon. Still, we've only just started building.

Speak Softly,
Aim High

We'll not sell you how we're going to change the world. We will, however, go to lengths to create real value for you and your business. We work tirelessly to continuously improve, always truthfully and honestly.

Embrace New Possibilities

We're on a mission to power great experiences. We believe in adopting technological advances, turning them into competitive advantages for our customers. But, to succeed, we must dare to be bold, dream big and challenge what's always been there.


Our Values

We build our solutions while staying true to our core values.

Have Fun Together
Enable Others to Succeed
Great Today, Better Tomorrow
Our Customers are Our Closest Allies
Dare to Try