Frontend engineer


Our mission is to Power Great Experiences. We're building a cloud-based platform for entertainment venues to manage and grow their business. We're looking for frontend engineers who gets excited about building great features in collaboration with fellow engineers, product managers and designers.


  • Develop features and improvements to our frontends in a secure, well-tested, well-documented and performant way

  • Collaborate with product managers, product designers and other developers

  • Write technical dopcumentation and white papers, contribute to internal decision making processes

  • Recognize technical debt, and propose and implement solutions

We're looking for someone who

  • Has 3+ years of professional experience as a software developer

  • Is fluent in written and spoken English

  • Is interested in working across the entire stack, while keeping your main focus on the frontend

  • Is excited to work with modern frontend libraries such as React and Next.js

  • Is excited to work with functional programming languages such as Elm

  • Has experience working with graph databases and/or GraphQL

  • Share our values, and work in accordance with those values

  • Has a strong attention to detail

Bonus if you

  • Have professional experience with React, Next.js and GraphQL

  • Have experience and/or is passionate about functional programming

  • Have experience working on software that is mission critical to customers

  • Product company experience

  • A Bachelors or a Masters degree in computer science

  • Experience working with a remote team

We might not be a fit if

  • You prefer to fly under the radar, and feel uncomfortable when held accountable for the commitments you make

  • You don't like writing

  • Prefer only collaborating in-person

  • You do your best work in highly-structured, steady-paced, and meticulously-planned environments.

  • You like finding and poking holes more than you like filling them.

The who & what of DX

Currently, around 200 venues and cinemas in Norway use the DX platform to manage their sales and daily operations. We're looking to expand into multiple new markets in the coming years. We're a 28 person strong team, some working out of our offices in Bodø, Stavanger, and Lyngdal, Norway. Others work remotely from places like Estonia, France, Spain and Italy.

We operate as a distributed team, which means a lot of written communication, and you need to be comfortable with that.

We aim to achieve ambitious goals, but maintaining a healthy work-life balance acts as a vital counterweight.

Being distributed, it's still essential to have arenas where we can meet and build bonds. That's why we host an annual all-hands where we travel somewhere to meet, hang and have fun for a few days.

Frontend engineer
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Our hiring process has several steps that may differ depending on the team. We pick our new team members carefully with the company head closely involved.

Our culture is built on transparency, cooperation, ownership and trust, so anyone looking to join our efforts will have to abide by the same rules, regardless of their position and seniority.

We love and nurture our team and have zero tolerance to any form of discrimination.