How Mobile Optimization Is Changing Cinema Management Solutions

August 21, 2023
The DX Team
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It’s Sunday afternoon, and you’re having a BBQ party at your friend’s house. As you’re preparing to fill your plate, your phone rings. It’s your cinema employee hastily explaining that there’s a problem with one of the projectors. 

As you excuse yourself from the table to step aside and take the call, your employee explains that it isn’t just a minor hiccup - there’s an issue with the movie screening scheduled for this evening. You probably have to cancel the screening and communicate that to your moviegoers asap.   

Without a cloud-based, mobile-optimized solution, you’d have to rush to the cinema or your home office, forgetting about the rest of your Sunday. 

But with a mobile-optimized software, you’d have a solution at your fingertips that lets you quickly troubleshoot. You can log into your account, unpublish the screening, communicate with your moviegoers, and issue refunds - without ever leaving that BBQ.

This scenario, even though a bit on the extreme, still highlights the situation you often find yourself in as a cinema manager - the struggle between keeping cinema operations seamless at all times and enjoying moments of personal life. In a world where mobile optimization becomes the cornerstone of efficient management, navigating these challenges becomes easier. 

So, in this article, we want to bring your attention to the importance of a cloud-based, mobile-optimized cinema management solution you can turn to on the go. 

A Mobile-Optimized Cinema Management Software Enables Real-Time Access 

When looking for a cinema management software, you don’t necessarily start your search with a mobile-optimized solution in mind. You may not even think about finding a SaaS product to help you manage your cinema, because classic cinema software usually needs to be installed on your computer. Plus, it’s bound to that specific terminal. 

For you, what matters most is finding a solution that helps you make your cinema operations faster, smoother, and more efficient, so you can turn your attention to providing a fun experience at the movies. Whether it’s mobile-optimized comes as a bonus, like getting extra butter on your popcorn - it might not seem like a big deal, but it makes all the difference.

Having a cinema management software that works well on all devices is like finding a secret door to a room full of possibilities you couldn't access with a license-dependent one. 

Why? Here are some business critical aspects it helps you with: 

Run things on the go 

A cloud-based, mobile-optimized solution empowers you to oversee your cinema operations on the go. Managing tasks while you're out and about means you don't need to wait until you're at your office or have access to VPN and screen sharing options. 

This eliminates potential delays and ensures the uninterrupted flow of operations, even when you're not on-site or working at all. As a cloud-based and mobile-optimized cinema management software, DX lets you run things from anywhere, anytime, with secure access.

DX login page — secure access from anywhere, anytime

For instance, if you suddenly need to modify the screening schedule due to a delayed premiere, you can do it right then and there without needing to rush back to your office. No matter the situation – whether it's about adjusting schedules, changing prices, or even planning ahead - a mobile-ready platform gives you control wherever you are.

See updates in real time 

Yet another perk of a cloud-based, mobile-optimized cinema management solution is that you're in the know, all the time, with real-time access to updates. 

You will receive alerts and notifications, giving you instant insights into what's happening at your cinema. 

So you can immediately review ticket sales, occupancy rates, and any potential issues that arise. The upside? You’ll know in due time if something happened - and you can swiftly attend to it, preventing disruptions and wasted efforts.

Example of editing the daily schedule — DX cinema management solution

Communicate with your staff at all times 

Staying connected with your staff is easy and convenient with a mobile-friendly software. You can chat with your team members, share updates, and ensure everyone's on the same page. 

Whether it's discussing a new movie release, assigning tasks, or addressing concerns, you can keep the communication lines open no matter where you are — with clear user management. This helps ensure everyone's well-informed and working together towards the success of your cinema.

Mobile Optimization Is the Future of Cinema Management

Mobile optimization is something that can no longer be ignored. We're moving away from using desktop apps to relying more on mobile apps. In fact, we've already arrived at a point where more than half of global website traffic (56.85% as of 2023) comes from mobile phones - a number that has grown over five times since 2012. 

This is due to a few things:

  • Our attention span is getting shorter, so we're looking for tools that can help us deal with things quickly. 
  • We're under constant pressure to do many things at once and being able to do them on our phones allows us to multitask constantly. 
  • Plus, we're starting to see how valuable our leisure time is and want to have more of it, but we want to stay on top of our responsibilities as well. And with a flexible tool  that allows us to run things on the go, we can tap a few buttons while sitting at the cinema or having lunch with a friend. 

However, most cinema management solutions aren't yet optimized to work well on mobile devices. This is a missed opportunity for those catering to digital-savvy audiences, given that around 21% of Millennials open an app more than 50 times daily. 

And even if you don't specifically cater to those audiences, not being mobile-optimized is still a downside since, overall, 49% of all smartphone owners open an app 11+ times each day. 

Moreover, the State of Mobile 2020 report found that Gen Z had a 60% higher engagement in mobile apps per user than older demographics last year. The report also says that Gen Z spends an average of 3.8 hours per app each month, among the top 25 non-gaming apps.

The DX Way Is the Cloud-Based, Mobile-Optimized Way 

We understand that cinemas today must be prepared for more digital-savvy people, both when it comes to technology and the cinema working force. Since Gen Z and Millennials are mainly digital-first and are surrounded by apps in their day to day, we need to make sure we are meeting them where they are. 

From a practical standpoint, cinemas also need to be prepared to welcome the new generation of workers and adapt to their expectations about technology, which revolve around mobility, efficiency, and speed. 

That's one of the reasons  we chose the cloud-based, mobile-optimized way. For more cloud-based benefits, you can further explore how sustainability, privacy, and security work for you, with our solution.

Since one of the core values behind our product is to help cinema operators increase efficiency and conversions, being accessible from anywhere and mobile-friendly, especially for the ticket buyers, are key components in achieving that.

We’re continuously working towards a future where our cinema management software is not only mobile-optimized but also mobile-first. 

Moviegoers can already benefit from our mobile-first cinema website, and we’re working towards extending this principle to our cinema management software.

If you want to know more about our latest product developments, check out our solution page and follow us on LinkedIn.

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