DX Talks

Welcome to DX Talks, a video show on all things technology and the cinema industry to inspire and support you in your cinema management journey.

Co-hosted by Martin Berg, our CEO, and Jan Runge, our consultant at DX.


More Pops of the Popcorn: Cinema Marketing Unleashed

June 6, 2023

In our second DX Talks episode, our hosts talk to guest speaker Michelle Stevens, Commercial Director at Powster, about today's opportunities and challenges of cinema marketing. From consumer attention and engagement to cinema marketing tactics and how to leverage the digital to grab that attention.

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Web3, NFTs and the Future of Cinema

March 22, 2023

Watch our pilot episode with special guest David Justin, founder of BLOCKTIVITY, a Strategic Consulting and Marketing company helping Media & Entertainment companies unleash the power of Blockchain and Web3.

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