Tech Innovation & Cinema: Trends, Fans, Stories

Have you ever wondered why 2024 has been termed the year of creator marketing and authenticity? Or why TikTok is making such a lasting impact on film? 

Martin, Jan, and Nikolaj tackle just that while debating the future of film distribution and promotion, at the intersection of tech innovation and the cinema industry. 

Episode 4 brings you a deep dive into the inner workings of bold marketing campaigns on TikTok, user-generated content, with a dash of AI and what’s next in bridging the gap between products and audiences.

Tune in to find out more about:

  • What’s the “agile way” to treat film marketing in today’s ad-saturated world
  • Nikolaj’s approach to film marketing, digital platforms, and creators, with cool examples from Vievo’s portfolio
  • The power of co-creation in cinema marketing
  • How to start working with creators
  • What works and what doesn’t on TikTok for film promotion
  • Why bring authenticity into the mix

About our guest:

Nikolaj Mathies stands out as one of the few marketing professionals who have worked with a diverse array of film distributors and cinemas across Europe and America to promote their films online. To date, he has contributed to well over 300 theatrical releases in more than 30 different countries. From the onset of his career, he has dedicated himself to developing innovative strategies for how theatrical films and their digital promotions can transform audiences from mere consumers to active participants and co-creators.

In 2022, Nikolaj founded Vievo, a content and creator agency that aims to bridge the gap between traditional feature film trailers and the unprecedented volume of user-generated content that the industry is currently witnessing.

The era where the industry could simply condense a film into a trailer or a cut-down is over. In the fierce competition for consumer attention, it is essential to engage audiences with authentic and fan-centric content that doesn't necessarily originate from the feature film itself.

In this episode, we cover:

00:00:00 Intro

00:02:15 Meet Nikolaj Mathies, founder of Vievo Media — content and creator agency 

00:03:07 2024’s exciting trends in the cinema industry

  • The year when creator talent and film talent will interlink in film promotion and community-building
  • More creative freedom in film marketing
  • AI’s influence on efficiency and improvements in our industry 
  • De-risking the cinema industry with experience innovation

00:08:30 Nikolaj’s history in the film industry

00:13:40 Vievo Media’s approach to digital storytelling for film promotion

  • Real-time adaptation of film marketing based on audience engagement 
  • 6-15 video creatives on average to really drive successful marketing campaigns for a movie
  • Extending the film storytelling on social media, not just distributing existing content
  • “A great place to call home / Jules” (2023) campaign case study 

00:20:50 Digital platforms, fan communities and TikTok for film marketing

  • TikTok as a competitor for Youtube, fostering creator communities and the opportunity to invite fans to make film content their own
  • TikTok is not just for Gen Z with 50% younger than 25 y.o. and 50% older than 25 y.o.
  • TikTok is testing becoming a more conversion-oriented platform with social commerce features
  • Gen Z’s way of showcasing their tastes and personality is through social sharing, especially with video content
  • Awareness versus conversion goals on TikTok for film marketing - understanding the power of word of mouth, ad fatigue, and influencer marketing

00:35:10 Digital platforms as segmentation — opportunities and challenges for exhibitors and distributors

  • Vievo Media’s approach to creativity versus streamlined marketing tactics
  • Creator-led marketing — tips & tricks for successful campaigns (creators’ marketplace, budgets, personalised briefs, your cinema’s younger staff, etc.)
  • Nikolaj’s demystification of influencer marketing, co-creation and authenticity — connecting with values and making content personal
  • How to support user-generated content

00:51:20 AI and film marketing: now versus the future

  • Streamlining processes with AI tools
  • AI as an augmentation technology for human creativity
  • AI as a helper for user-generated content 

00:56:17 What’s next for Vievo Media and DX

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