Meet Our Partners: Developing and Supporting DX’s Hardware-Software Solution

January 17, 2023
The DX Team

We recently shared why DX is building an integrated hardware-software solution for cinemas. To ensure our software as a service (SaaS) product developed in the cloud operates under the best possible conditions, we sought a partner to create the optimal hardware to operate with our software so we could deliver an integrated solution to our customers.

The partner DX has teamed up with to provide customized touchscreen hardware is Elo, the industry-leading hardware company that invented touchscreen technology over 50 years ago (seriously, check out this history lesson for the details). Specifically, we’ll be utilizing Elo’s All-in-one I-Series 4 devices. The device – which Elo describes as “the next level of awesome” (and we agree!) – is used as a point-of-sale terminal across many industries because of its ability to be configured with a variety of peripheral devices for customized uses, such as a cash drawer.

Our Hardware-Software Partnership

DX has chosen to work with Elo as the manufacturer of our point-of-sale hardware because of the company’s long term track record of success with cutting-edge versatile tech that is consumer-friendly and cost-effective. Another advantage is that working with Elo gives DX the benefit of utilizing its fleet management system, which allows DX to easily gather information about uptime, usage, and errors with our software. Most importantly, users can update all devices to the newest software with a few clicks.

Because we want to provide the best services we possibly can to power great experiences for our customers, having such reliable hardware is a tremendous asset to what we can do for our users.

DX Gets Local

Of course, not every hardware issue can be worked out remotely. In addition to Elo, DX is joining with local partners on a country-by-country level to provide essential hardware services, like setup, servicing, and support. We want to ensure our customers are working with local companies that understand their cinemas and audiences. While we at DX are making the key decisions behind what hardware to use with our product and are the guiding hand behind our hardware-software solution, our local partners empower us to provide the best experience to our customers.

For our Swedish customers, DX will be working with Videvox to facilitate our hardware when DX launches full-scale in Sweden. Like DX, Videvox is no stranger to the cinema industry. Videvox is a Sweden-based company that owns a chain of small cinemas (like Mariannelunds Bio) which will soon be the first cinemas in Sweden to use DX’s software. DX will develop the software and source the hardware, while Videvox will be our partner on the ground to handle the shipping and setting up of the devices.

Like DX, Videvox endeavors to be on the forefront of cinema technology. Videvox’s cinemas utilize Incode to display digital posters of current and upcoming films instead of printed posters – a solution that DX is already running for 500+ screens in Norwegian venues. So we feel we have truly found a partnership with a company that is as forward-thinking as we are about the future of cinema.

Similarly, our partner in the United Kingdom will be Resay, a British company delivering software and hardware solutions to companies and, in addition, also a longtime collaborator with Elo. Like DX, Resay does not believe in a “one size fits all” approach. Resay will also offer support and consultation to provide advice on the best solutions for each customer. Resay will be a valuable partner for DX in the UK as they assist in setting up and installing hardware for new DX cinemas.

More to Come…

As DX grows, we will continue to explore the most ideal partnerships across the globe to provide the best services possible for our customers. Many of the cinemas that we work with have been with us for an incredibly long time, and we’ve endeavored to provide them with the best services we can year after year. Our long-term customers can tell you that we take service and support very seriously, and our partners do too.

With our hardware-software solution and international partnerships, DX will be entering a new level of service for our customers. As always, we look forward to being a key part of helping create even more unforgettable experiences in cinemas.

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