Your Guide to Upcoming Cinema Exhibition and Cinema Technology Events

January 10, 2024
The DX Team
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As part of our goal to help the cinema industry in powering great experiences, we regularly attend cinema exhibition and cinema technology events worldwide to make connections, educate ourselves on the newest technology, and enjoy everything we love about the cinematic experience.

Because of that, we searched online for a definite list of cinema exhibition and cinema technology events around the world.

Except there was one problem – we couldn't find a list of all the industry events of interest!

We decided to create this list ourselves – and since the cinema industry is all about collaboration, we thought we would share it. We hope it is useful for anyone in the industry:

A sneak peek into our events aggregator

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We'll make sure to keep it constantly updated, so we encourage you to bookmark it.

And looking forward to seeing you at some of these events!

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