Make your cinema
an experience
to remember

The DX solution is powered to help you make the best of your programming, manage your movie calendar on the go, track your sales and get insightful ideas to improve your cinematic experience every day.

Our latest solution was born digital. Your customers can see what’s on-screen just by looking at their phone, and your team can make a quick schedule change, launch a new promotion, or manage your ticketing on the go.

Software made simple

Our interface is easy to navigate, fast to install, updated online, and accessible from your phone or laptop, at the cinema or on the go.

Saves you time

From programming to pricing or reviewing your results, get all of your tasks done and manage your workflow in one place.

Here to grow

Our cloud-based technology allows us to keep building better solutions, getting ready for what your future customers want.

A life of entertainment, an urge for customer satisfaction.

We designed our solutions with 25 years of passion for the cinema, building everything you need to get your cinema running, your team working smoothly, and allowing you to create the best experience that customers want out of a night at the cinema.

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