How a Cinema Management Solution Helps You Grow Your Cinema Faster

September 25, 2023
The DX Team
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Imagine a bustling Saturday evening at your cinema. The lobby hums with excited chatter, the scent of buttery popcorn wafts through the air, and a line of eager moviegoers snakes its way toward the box office. 

Behind the scenes, your staff buzzes to ensure that the right movie plays at the right time, concession stands stay stocked, and your auditoriums are clean for the next screening.

This exciting Saturday in the life of your cinema is also where the challenges of cinema management often come to life. There's a projector that just gave out, the popcorn stand has run out of kernels, and to top it off, you're short on staff. 

As a cinema manager, you constantly run into unexpected plot twists like these that can slow your growth. However, using the right cinema management solution can help you navigate them smoothly and ensure the success of your venue.

Let’s take a deeper look at how a cinema management solution can help you grow your cinema faster.  

It saves you time 

Thanks to automation and flexibility, a cinema management solution eliminates “classic”, time-consuming manual methods like spreadsheets and paperwork for things like scheduling, updating your cinema website, or reporting.

For instance, DX allows you to easily schedule screenings with an intuitive drag-and-drop function. This straightforward way of managing the screening schedule also lets you adjust movie pricing with adaptable price cards, access a curated movie database (so you don’t need to type every movie description manually), and make quick changes to the screening schedule on the fly.   

The scheduler view in our DX platform

What’s more, all of these changes are instantly reflected on your cinema’s website. And if you want to plan ahead but not have it live yet, you can save each scheduled slot in draft and publish later.

Because you manage the full customer journey in one place, when it’s time to check your performance or do your reports, it’s only a matter of a few clicks — you can see your daily admission and concessions sales, you can aggregate weekly, monthly or custom periods, etc. 

It saves you money

A cinema management solution is the Swiss Army knife for managing your cinema’s operations. 

If it’s cloud-based, you can easily access it from anywhere, at any time — just as you’d carry that Swiss Army knife in your pocket. This means that you don’t need to pay extra for servers, IT infrastructure, IT staffing, or other in-house IT costs.

That’s why we’ve built our new DX solution as a cloud-native one from the start. 

And this is just one fraction of the cost-saving benefits.

Because we care about building the future of cinema technology, we’ve also built-in a data platform that lets you see all relevant numbers  without having to look for them. From reporting to forecasting performance, you’ll be able to check trends, understand how your admission rates look, how your concession sales look and how to properly fill your inventory, when to expect peak rates, and more.  

We even have a proof of concept with an association of independent cinemas in Norway to build better dashboards and data analytics that will work for your cinema business.

Data dashboard mock-up in the DX platform

It helps you increase conversion & sell more tickets

Online ticket sales are a game-changer for today’s digital-first audiences. 

With 60% of e-commerce sales done on mobile devices in 2023 according to Statista, it’s no wonder. From our cinema data platform, we’ve also uncovered that in the last 7 months, 73.9% of online ticket sales were done through a mobile browser and another 11.6% through a mobile app  — we know that Norway is ahead of the curve in online sales adoption, but the global data above highlights it’s a growing trend overall.

So imagine what offering moviegoers the convenience of planning their cinema night from the comfort of their sofa can do for your business! 

With a mobile-optimised cinema management platform like DX, movie lovers can get their tickets online by navigating a secure, user-friendly checkout process. 

This eliminates long waiting lines at the box office and makes the whole experience more efficient. Plus, with an online system, your customers can select their seats, even buy their concessions… without leaving home.

It’s not only a seamless experience, but also an opportunity to have your box office staff do more creative things — like post “behind the scenes” content on TikTok.

It helps you increase demand for your cinema

Marketing and branding are two of the critical issues we hear cinema operators struggle with — lack of time and lack of experts in their team make it harder to access the benefits of having your cinema brand shine.

A well-rounded cinema management solution will help you with that as well!

Our vision at DX is to become the “marketing assistant in your pocket”. 

That’s why we already provide a customisable cinema website, designed with visual and functional best practices at heart. With its modern look and feel, it not only enhances customer experience but also allows you to craft a unique and cohesive digital brand presence, ensuring that your online platform reflects your cinema’s personality and attracts your target audience.  

And we’re working on an automation function to allow you to easily share your new content on social media, with your subscribers, through your digital signage at the cinema, and more.  

Fostering a sense of community starts with communication and personalisation.

A Next-Gen Cinema Management Solution Means Faster Growth

In a nutshell, a cinema management solution like the one we’re offering is a versatile tool that covers all areas of cinema growth - from streamlining operations to promoting your cinema on social media, to forecasting business performance.

We live in a more and more digital-first world, so embracing modern digital solutions is key to staying ahead and making faster progress. The world of cinema management is no exception.

But it can be a pain to change the way you work. So we’re on a mission to make it easier for you. 


  • The right level of automation for programming, reporting, marketing, etc.
  • Integrated features to cover your full cinema operations and POS and ticketing needs, so you don’t have to switch between Excel and too many tools
  • Data and insights to offer you suggestions to improve your operations
  • A dedicated onboarding and support team to help you every step of the way

Curious to find out more about how we can help? You can always contact us, we’re happy to answer any questions.

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