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Panorama Kulturhus (Sundet)

“I’ve had the pleasure of using DX for several years, both as the supplier of our ticket system, but also for my websites. I’m very satisfied with the technical solutions, but what I appreciate the most is the short way to customer service. The staff at DX answers questions quickly, either by phone or by chat. The system is reliable and is by far the best ticket system I’ve used so far”.

Anita Borrmann Skoglund
— Head of Culture
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Ås Kino (Ås)

“I felt like DX was always one step ahead of the game, anticipating my needs before I could think of them myself.”

Martin Øsmundset
-Cinema Manager
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Lillehammer Kino (Lillehammer)

“Lillehammer Kino has worked with DX for nearly 20 years, 5 years since I’ve joined. I'd say with confidence that I'm a satisfied customer. Their Customer Support is efficient and helpful, always easy to stay in touch with when I need help. They spark my creativity by being forward thinking but also being open to new ideas and finding helpful solutions to my problems.”

Clarissa Bergh
— Managing Director
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Drøbak Kino (Frogn)

“The most important thing for us is DX's operational reliability and support. It is essential that the product is user-friendly and time-saving for both staff and customers. We are impressed by its development and DX’s ability to adapt to new solution needs.”

Pål Andresen
— Cinema Manager
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Vega Scene (Oslo)

“Vega Scene opened in November 2018. As a new cultural arena, the expertise, knowledge, and experience DX brought were priceless. Their personal customer service and educational training of the ticketing and programming platform was an important factor in the success of the start-up.”

Unnur Sande
— Manager
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Film & Kino (Norway)

“Film & Kino has worked with DX for many years. For the last 8 years, DX has been a sponsor of Film & Kino’s seminars and member activities. I am very happy with our collaboration. DX delivers a fresh take on technology, ticketing, and other services in addition to this. Their work is strengthening the Norwegian Cinema Industry, making it better.”

Jørgen Stensland
— Assistant Director
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Söderköpings Bio (Söderköping)

“If you feel the need for a new ticketing system, DX constitutes a good partner. Facing continuously new challenges in this process, DX is apt to solve problems through flexible and positive collaboration, and a willingness to find the right solution, though it sometimes takes time and effort.”

Carl Gustav Pettersson
— Cinema Manager
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Tynset Kino (Tynset)

“DX platform's customer service is exceptional. Their team goes above and beyond to ensure a smooth experience, promptly addressing any inquiries or issues. Their dedication and responsiveness truly sets them apart."

Sergio Chavez
— Cinema Manager
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Notodden Kino (Notodden)

“We have been a customer of DX since 1998 and are very satisfied with their products. Our cultural center has expanded and our needs have changed over the years. We feel that DX keeps up with developments and is constantly looking for new solutions to meet our needs. They are also among the very best in terms of customer service, response time, and availability.”

Hilde Hem
— Cinema Manager
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Fram Kino (Bodø)

“I’ve been lucky enough to have been working closely with the DX team for many,many years. DX is - in my opinion - at the top of its class, in every way. I highly value the genuine interest they have in feedback and input from the customers. They truly understand the value of the users. From the people working on the things we barely see (which often makes all the difference) to the people working on design and customer service: there’s always someone available to help - and guide you. I also highly value that they take time to make us understand the - at times - complicated tech-language.”

Testimonial Image
Benedikte Schuitema
— Marketing & Operations Manager
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Bryne Kino (Bryne)

“DX as our ticket partner has given us the opportunity to get a system that met our needs and demands. A stable and familiar system, but still not limited in further development and forward thinking.”

Erlend Serigstad
— Cinema Manager
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Fredrikstad Kino (Fredrikstad)

“DX made a fantastic effort during the pandemic. They continuously created new functions and solutions, making a difficult time easier for both cinemas and the public. New problems and needs constantly arose as the rules changed at short notice, and DX was quick on the ball every time. We still enjoy many of the functions, for example easily changing seating and other ticketing details.”

Jørgen Jansen,
— Cinema Director
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