Make it a season to remember.

Envision your programming months ahead. Plan your weekly, monthly, or even yearly movie calendar and only launch what you’re ready to show.


Now you can work the right way.

Have an up-to-date view of your cinema’s operations. Know what tasks your team has worked on, create an online workflow, and speed through your to-do list.


Get creative and deliver the best experience.

Take advantage of our insights to create new marketing tactics, change your programming and delight your customers with what they love the most.


Your ticket sales have never looked so good.

Manage your concession items effectively. Create a unique website that your customers can access from anywhere. Sell tickets safely with our secure payment processing.


Your cinema’s results are your new source of inspiration.

Be in the know of your results in real-time. Get your daily, weekly or monthly performance reports and customize your dashboard according to your needs.

A simple workflow,
a faster team,
a happier customer.

Get your operations running with these simple features:
An easy to use scheduler to plan your programming
• A webshop to publish your programming and sell tickets
• A bespoke cinema POS
• A concession management tool
• A customizable dashboard to view your results
• The possibility of integrating your favorite business tools

Your customers will love what they have to see:
A branded website that feels like they’re tapping through their favorite cinema
• A view of the current cinema programming
• The possibility of buying tickets online
• The latest offers and special deals


Ready to make the best of your cinema experience?

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